About Us

Mike Martinez and other Chapter members

Mike (green coat) was "recognized and honored" for his military service in the U S Army in Vietnam at a recent Mavericks Hockey game 2018

2017 Events in Kansas City metro area

Huey on display at "Downtown Days" Lees Summit, Mo. 2017

2600 interested folks went through the Huey that weekend.  Awesome turnout.

Huey on display Harley Davidson "Full Boar" event at factory, Kansas City, Mo 2017

Several hundred turned out for the fun event and launch of the new Harley Davidson models for 2018.

Huey on display at American Legion Post 21, Independence, Missouri 2017

Fellowship with many of our current military members.

About Us

Huey event at Armed Forces Day in Gladstone, Missouri

One of many, many events where we display the Huey throughout the year.

Chapter Officers being sworn in 2015

Always glad to welcome new members to the Chapter and also to our "Associates" Chapter.

Chapter members attend homecoming for Honor Flight at MCI airport in 2017

W E L C O M E  H O M E veterans!

About Us

Members "hard at work" at one of the events in 2017!

18,452 folks went through our Huey in 2017...record year for visitors. Hooray!

Often we provide "retail sales" opportunity to raise funds for the Chapter

We sell various style hats, T-shirts, dog tags, pocket knives, etc. to raise money for the Heuy and Chapter expenses.

Join our Chapter!

Dues are $100 for LIFETIME membership.  Contact us today!

More events:

Huey at Santa-Cali-Gon Days at Independence Square. Memorial Day weekend 2017

8400 interested folks went through the Huey over the four day weekend!           Largest crowd we have ever had in one event!   W O W

Four Mannequins added to Huey crew for 2017.

We have recruited a Pilot, Co- Pilot, Crew Chief and Door Gunner.

Some of our young folks..."get the message"!

And still more about the Huey:

Huey on display at Scouting 500 event at Kansas Speedway 2017

13,000 Boy Scouts and volunteer adults and parents attended this two days event at Kansas Speedway.

2400 of the Scouts went through the Huey in ONE day!

One of the "flight crew" we added this year.

Bring donuts or Twinkies when you come to visit. They have very robust appetities!

Our Huey #970 in service Vietnam 1967-1971

3500+ Combat Hours and shot down four times.

More about Chapter events 2017:

Chapter members and other volunteers, Christmas 2017

VVA chapter members and other volunteers worked to package and ship 503 Christmas gift boxes to service members in Afghanistan and Iraq 2017. 

Project spronsored by VFW Odessa, Missouri

Delighted recipient of a scooter donated to this veteran by our new Chair program for 2017.

We are VERY grateful to all of our current active military members who keep us safe... every single day!

Run for the Wall 2017

Annual "Run for the Wall" stops at Concordia, Missouri

Our Chapter members attend the event to support the efforts of those going on the "Run" to Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. every year.

Kansas City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain.

Chapter members participate in two annual events at the Fountain. One on Veterans Day and the second on Memorial Day each year to honor and pay tribute to those 387 heroes who have made the "ultimate sacrifice" from our local seven counties of Kansas City.      God Bless them all!

Numerous travelling "replicas" of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall have been in the Kansas City area over the years.

Our Chapter attends and provides the Huey at these events at every opportunity we get... to STAND with our fellow veterans!

Solemn moments

A young Scout stops to learn and reflect...

Part of what we do is educate our younger generations on the Vietnam War and all the details that are appropriate to share with interested parties.

A father takes time to explain to his young son...

the significance of the"Fallen Soldier" Memorial or otherwise called the"Battlefield Cross".  These are powerful moments to witness.

Students visit our Huey...

at Harmony Middle School and learn first hand some of the facts and details of the Huey and its contribution to the Vietnam War. The is part of our history and they are not taught much history in schools any longer. We take our MUSEUM and our message to the community.

About Us

Chapter members handed out over 6000...

American Flags to those who came to visit our Huey at the numerous events we participated in for 2017.

Chapter 243 members and the staff of Harmony Middle School, Overland Park, Kansas

Twice a year the Huey is invited to Harmony to help educate middle school students on the Huey and its contribution to the Vietnam War.