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All gave some...some gave all!

Travelling "replicas" of the Vietnam Memorial Wall have been to the Kansas City area over the past few years. Our Chapter will support the efforts of those who bring this masterpiece to our area for display.

Kansas City Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fountain. Built and dedicated September 6, 1986. 387 local names on the Wall from seven Kansas City area counties. This Memorial Fountain was designed by our Chapter member David Baker.

"H O N O R G U A R D !"

American Eagle "standing guard" over our nations heroes!

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18,452 visited our Huey in 2017

2017 was a huge year for visitors to our Huey!

WELCOME HOME ... all veterans!

Huey secure in "winter"storage

We have brought the Huey inside for the hrsh winter months.

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Motorized wheel chairs (Free)

Are you a veteran...or the immediate family  member  of a veteran in need of a FREE  motorized wheelchair. Please contact us for more information.

These youngsters "get the message"!

Fallen Soldier or Battlefield Cross.

About Honor Flights

EVERY veteran should participate in free Honor Flight program!

This WILL be one of th most rewarding days of your life...guaranteed!

Welcome Home Honor Flight veterans!

This is a M U S T for all veterans.